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Diversity & Inclusion in Sport Organizations

Diversity & Inclusion in Sport Organizations

by George B. Cunningham

Paperback:  400 pages
Publisher:Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers (Jun 24, 2015)
Diversity & Inclusion in Sport Organizations, 3e provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which people differ--including race, sex, age, mental and physical ability, appearance, religion, sexual orientation, and social class--and how these differences can influence sport organizations. It offers specific strategies for managing diversity in work and sport environments, provides an overview of diversity training that can be implemented in the workplace, and discusses the legal issues related to the various diversity dimensions. Grounded in research and theory, this user-friendly book emphasizes the practical applications of research findings and provides relevant sport-related examples. Its clear discussions and logical connections among ideas helps readers understand the managerial implications of fostering and sustaining a diverse workforce.. . The third edition has a new title, which reflects an expansion of the book's content and focus to cover inclusion in addition to diversity and diversity management. It also includes a new chapter on using sport to promote inclusion and social change as well as discussions of legal aspects of diversity and inclusion in relevant chapters.. ....
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