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Poetry Dictionary

Poetry Dictionary

by John Drury

Paperback:  384 pages
Publisher:Writers Digest (Dec 15, 2005)
The language of poetry is rich and complex—from abstract language to voice, with all the enjambment, Nashers and sprung rhythm in between. The Poetry Dictionary illuminates and unravels it all with clear, working definitions.In addition, you'll find vivid and thorough descriptions, along with examples from classic and contemporary poetry, Greek to avant-garde, to illustrate the terms. In many cases, several different poems are used to show the evolution of the form, making The Poetry Dictionary a unique anthology of the art. It's a guide to the poetry of today and yesterday, with intriguing hints as to what tomorrow holds. Author/poet John Drury focuses on those terms that are useful to students and teachers. These are words you need to effectively discuss the craft—concepts that will broaden and stimulate your own creative processes. Drury's from-experience viewpoint and spirited voice keep The Poetry Dictionary relevant, immediate and not only easy to read, but hard not to.. John Drury's Poetry Dictionary is no dreary list of defined terms to cram for your poetry final. It's a work of art in itself, written in Drury's engagingly lucid prose, liberally spiced with examples from the world's best poets. Curious about sequence? Drury gives a clear definition of the term, followed by Katha Pollitt's "Vegetable Poems" in sequence 1-5. Forgotten the rules of the villanelle? Drury explains the form, gives a little historic background, and presents examples by Jean Passerat, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Dylan Thomas, Weldon Kees, and James Cummins. Never has a poetry dictionary been so browsable, so erudite, and so engaging. --Stephanie Gold....
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