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Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems

Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems

by Ram S. Gupta

Hardcover:  896 pages
Publisher:Waveland Press (Sep 29, 2015)
Comprehensive and up-to-date, this newly revised Third Edition extends the tradition of excellence established in earlier volumes. With its broad selection of subject material, abundant illustrations, and ample example problems, Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems offers students an outstanding, authoritative treatment of the quantitative elements involved in the development of water resources. The Third Edition features a major revision of all hydraulic-related material. The principles of hydraulics and the basic concepts underlying the application of those principles have been included in a new chapter, while hydraulic devices for measuring flows are now consolidated into a single chapter on hydraulic structures. Computer software applications have been updated throughout, end-of-chapter problems have been expanded, and more examples are presented in SI units. Outstanding features of the Third Edition include: 1) more than 300 illustrations and 175 tables; 2) more than 225 fully solved example problems in both FPS and SI units; 3) 520 end-of-chapter problems for student assignment; 4) detailed treatment of hydrologic field investigation and analytical procedures for data assessment; 5) application of EPA recommended statistical procedures for groundwater monitoring; 6) systematic presentation of various surface water flow assessment techniques; 7) thorough coverage of the principles of hydraulics and the analysis and design of hydraulic systems; and 8) complete treatment of storm, sanitary, agriculture, and urban drainage systems. Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only; contact publisher directly. Titles of related interest also available from Waveland Press: Benjamin, Water Chemistry, Second Edition (ISBN 9781478623083); Bishop, Pollution Prevention: Fundamentals and Practice (ISBN 9781577663485); Chapra, Surface Water-Quality Modeling (ISBN 9781577666059); Charbeneau, Groundwater Hydraulics and Pollutant Transport (ISBN 9781577664796); Dingman, Physical Hydrology, Third Edition (ISBN 9781478611189); and Fetter, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577665830).. ....
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