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Nursing Skills Online Version 3.0 for Fundamentals of Nursing (Access Code), 8e

Nursing Skills Online Version 3.0 for Fundamentals of Nursing (Access Code), 8e

by Patricia A. Potter RN MSN PhD FAAN

Printed Access Code:  4 pages
Publisher:Mosby (Aug 29, 2013)
Learn to master important nursing skills for the clinical setting with Nursing Skills Online 3.0 (NSO). This interactive learning system offers 18 modules organized around the 5-step nursing process. Each module uses a structured pace to guide you through the skills that have the greatest effect on patient safety. Modules also include critical thinking tasks and case studies to help you apply your learning to realistic patient situations, as well as review tools to help you evaluate your competency before performing skills in the clinical setting. Case-based/problem-oriented format for learning activities provides you with real-life patient scenarios and promotes critical thinking.Frequent interactivity enhances your learning and engagement with content to make understanding complex concepts easier.Self-assessment exercises allow you to test your knowledge of key concepts including correct answers and rationales for immediate feedback.The latest evidence-based information in clinical skills & techniques keeps you on the cutting edge of nursing.Lesson Post Tests provide an immediate score upon completion including rationales behind correct responses.Printable procedure guidelines enable you to study and learn anywhere you go. QSEN correlated headings and exercises help you better understand the six Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) core competencies.Patient Centered Care screens address variations in approaches to patients of varied cultures and ages during the performance of the skill. Quality Improvement exercises present critical thinking challenges, prodding you to use patient care data to improve outcomes.Evidence-Based Practice icons link to recently published research articles and a brief discussion of how they have already changed or may change practice in the future.Safety Considerations screens address the global safety issues in play for the lesson topic.Teamwork and Collaboration screens include information on delegation, as well as cooperation with other healthcare professionals who may have input in to patient welfare (physical therapists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, etc.).. ....
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