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Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (5th Edition)

Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (5th Edition)

by Richard H. Robbins

Paperback:  408 pages
Publisher:Pearson (Jul 05, 2010)
This award-winning text explores one of the most successful cultures and societies the world has ever seen — capitalism.   From capitalism's European roots more than 500 years ago to the present, this text examines the problems caused by its expansion, inequality, environmental destruction, and social unrest.   Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism provides any reader with the anthropological, economic, and historical framework to understand the origins of global problems, why globalization and the global expansion of the culture of capitalism has generated protest and resistance, and the steps necessary to solve global problems.   Up-to-date information throughout the text helps students maintain a current view of the rapidity of global change.     As one reviewer says, “In today's world of global cultures, the key to solving the problems of the future depends on understanding the cultures of today. Robbins' book spells this out in clear and easy-to-read prose. It is the one book that every college student should be required to read.”. ....
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