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by Stan Baronett

Paperback:  736 pages
Publisher:Oxford University Press (Jul 27, 2012)
Featuring an exceptionally clear writing style and a wealth of real-world examples and exercises, Logic, Second Edition, shows how logic relates to everyday life, demonstrating its applications in such areas as the workplace, media and entertainment, politics, science and technology, student life, and elsewhere.. . Thoroughly revised and expanded in this second edition, the text now features 2600 exercises, more than 1000 of them new; three new chapters on legal arguments, moral arguments, and analyzing a long essay; enhanced pedagogy; and much more.. . FEATURES. . * 2600 exercises--more than 1000 of them new--breathe new life into logic. . * Real-world examples help bring logic down to earth for students. . * A unique, extended explanation or model of the answer to the first question of each "Check Your Understanding" section shows students what is expected of their answers. . * An additional 25% of the exercises are answered at the back of the book. . * "Profiles in Logic" provide short sketches of logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, and others associated with logic. . * "Logic Challenge" problems present puzzles and paradoxes that end each chapter on a fun note. . * Additional pedagogical elements--marginal definitions, key terms, a glossary, reference boxes, and bulleted chapter summaries--make the material even more accessible. . * Detailed guides help students learn to create "truth tables" and Venn diagrams. . . SUPPORT PACKAGE. . An Instructor's Manual with Computerized Test Bank on CD includes: . . Solutions to all exercises in the book, enhanced by explanations and answers that elucidate the details of the correct answers. . Key Terms and a summary for each chapter. . A customizable Computerized Test Bank--with multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions--that allows instructors to give exams or homework problems that can be auto-graded. . A traditional "pencil-and-paper" Test Bank and answer key containing the same questions as the Computerized Test Bank. . PowerPoint-based lecture outlines. . The Instructor's Manual with Computerized Test Bank and the traditional Test Bank are also available in printed format.. . A Companion Website offers:. . Instructor Resources (password-protected):. . A downloadable version of the Instructor's Manual (except for the Test Bank and the exercise solutions). . PowerPoint-based lecture outlines. . Student Resources:. . Brief chapter summaries. . Interactive Flash Cards with key terms and definitions. . Web links and other media resources. . Practice quizzes with answers and explanations (includes questions answered in the book and new, original questions). . The Learning Management System Cartridges include, in a fully downloadable format:. . Instructor's Manual and Computerized Test Bank (exams and homework problems can be auto-graded). . Student material from the companion website. . . The Perfect Text for Your Course . . . No Matter How You Teach It. . Your course is unique; you have your own teaching philosophy and style. Whether you teach traditional Introduction to Logic, Critical Thinking/Informal Logic, or Formal Logic, Baronett: Logic, Second Edition, can be tailored to fulfill your course needs.. . We'll make it easy for you; choose one of our Alternate Editions or build the book you want, chapter by chapter.. . Option 1. Author Stan Baronett has suggested four Alternate Editions that may work for you. Each Alternate Edition comes in full color, with answers to problems, a full glossary, and an index. The books are in stock and available for ordering. Please see the ISBN information below.. . Logic: Concise Edition. Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Order using ISBN: 978-0-19-994129-2. . Logic: An Emphasis on Critical Thinking and Informal Logic. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13 A-E, 14, 15. Order using ISBN: 978-0-19-994128-5. . Logic: An Emphasis on Formal Logic. Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Order using ISBN: 978-0-19-994126-1. . Logic: With Diagramming used in Chapter 4. Informal Fallacies. Full text. Order using ISBN: 978-0-19-997081-0. . . Option 2. Create your own customized textbook by choosing the specific chapters that you need for your course. Please contact your Oxford University Press Sales Representative or call 800.280.0280 for details.. ....
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